Introducing Forever K Jewelry - the perfect fusion of timeless Italian design and modern fashion. Crafted in 18 karat gold plated silver, our pieces are specially designed for young and chic millennials. Stand out from the crowd by elevating your look with our stunning pieces, make Forever K Jewelry the finishing touch to your everyday look.

Our silver jewelry crafted in Italy is plated with 18-karat gold so you can look stylish and confident no matter the occasion. Whether you're a young professional or a trendsetter, Forever K Jewelry will make sure you stand out in style. With our selection of Italian made masterpieces, you're sure to find the perfect fit.



Forever K has distribution channels throughout The Greater China, including Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR & Taiwan (China). Our on-site representatives will guide you as you discover our jewelry collection in a stylish environment. We always look forward to build relationships with those shopping with us, so that they can be happy to visit us again, and always adorn themselves with Forever K Jewelry.




The current President Mr. Wu Chor Nam JP, started his business from scratch. In 1967, he founded a jewelry company in Hong Kong under the name of "Wu Leung Lee (Man-Yick)", and imported Italian K gold jewelry with excellent craftsmanship to Hong Kong and successfully established the company. To be the leading K gold jewelry wholesalers in Hong Kong, Mr. Wu Chor Nam JP, was awarded the reputation of "The King of K Gold" by his peers. Wu Leung Lee (Man-Yick) is also a well-known diamond wholesaler, which specializes in collecting-grade diamonds and rare color diamonds. In 2019, the company sold a rare red diamonds called Argyle Everglow for RMB180 million, which became a legend in the industry.

In 2022, invested in the establishment of Forever K Jewelry, to create a cutting-edge jewelry brand, which focuses on accessories design and manufactory in Italy.



Our creative team’s work always follow the direction of “Young, Chic & Fun”, these inspirations are integrated into their drawings of the handcrafted jewelry, and also the artwork on our accessories, launched in distribution channels at the same time as the jewelry. Furthermore, they are also the inspiration behind our campaigns, channel displays, and any other content we create online.

The exquisite design shows a unique artistic charm. The unique shape is full of mystery and temptation, shining like stars in the night sky. The textures and patterns on the jewelry are so fine, all shining with irresistible charm.



Forever K is 100% Made in Italy production, combining style and elegance with world-renowned Italian design. Our supply chain in Italy has a group of highly skilled professionals with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As perfectionists, we love challenging ourselves and are continually broadening our expertise. Our fashionable, high quality jewelry is highly recognized, representing true Italian values and culture.

Our jewelry is manufactured at the highest quality standards, guaranteeing maximum oversight with avant-garde technology at each phase of the production cycle. Innovation, creativity and passion are integral parts of our brand and philosophy. Forever K is a true ambassador for authentic “Made in Italy”, where the excellence and innovation of Italian products becomes the greatest testimony for quality and beauty. The art of silver and goldsmith making is a complex process divided into numerous phases:
Melting, Milling, Wire drawing 
Chain making, Soldering, Hammering, Diamond cutting
Chain cutting, Finishing, Plating

ITProLuxthe secret of brightness, a revolutionary elixir for silver, is an antioxidant process that gives a long lasting brightness to products. It represents a revolutionary solution, greatly better than previous systems such as the anti-tarnish and the e-coatingITProLux is a new know-how from Forever K, that is the result of distinctive skills and a unique creativity.